September 2019 assorted links

The mysterious economics of face wash

Why great employees leave “great cultures”
Great organizations and leaders know that the culture stuff is the hard stuff. Culture takes time to define. It takes work to execute. Yet, if the time is spent (1) really understanding the behaviors expected throughout the organization; (2) identifying the systems and processes that will continue to help those behaviors be expressed and sustained; and (3) shaping practices that help employees and the organization become better

<PODCAST> Plan B from This American Life
The act on Cuervo Man is pretty good.

Essential frameworks to help you make the most intelligent decisions on a variety of personal, team and client matters.

The rock ’n’ roll casualty who became a war hero
What a fascinating life story!

Hundreds of thousands of people read novels on Instagram

I took the Anna Wintour creative leadership MasterClass so you don't have to
Go with the "wrong" solution. It's usually the idea everyone shudders at that's the most interesting. Go with the choice that makes you feel something. And sometimes that something is uncomfortable. Have you seen the Met Gala? 

Dad Joke(r) is a dad joke parody of the new Joker movie.

How to brief for the unknowable

We need to talk about ‘The Giving Tree’
In a healthy family, giving is not one-sided. Of course parents make many sacrifices for their children, and they should. But the boy in “The Giving Tree” is completely selfish. He doesn’t just take from the tree; he does it in an ungrateful, thankless way. In each scene, we find out that taking from the tree makes the boy happy. No one shows disapproval for the boy’s behavior, let alone teaches him to respond to the tree’s plight with compassion or even a shred of decency. No, the boy shouldn’t have selfishly taken all of the tree’s apples, but moreover, the tree shouldn’t have let him. The tree has mastered the formula for raising a spoiled child.

Bob Hazlett